Dedicated to Our Veterans

We are honoured to dedicate Falcon Park playground to 
The Veterans Village 
at Sherbrooke Community Centre. 
St Philip School is proud of its 23 year partnership with the Veterans Village.  

Each year, the Grade 5 students at St Philip School faithfully visit the Veterans weekly. 
 There is a very special relationship that develops throughout the year.  
This involvement with the Veterans Village allows our students to honour the contributions of Canadian war veterans.  
The students go in groups of twos and threes to help the Veterans with their physiotherapy.  The students pick the Veterans up in their rooms, with supervision, and bring them to the physiotherapy area.  In this way the Veterans who may not be motivated to participate often do so with our students encouragement.  
In the spring the students sweep and clean the patio and garden area.  
They also gather to socialize at Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  
Remembrance Day is special because the Veterans come to participate in our Remembrance Day Service at the school.  
This is a very special honour, as many of them are in their nineties, it is generally quite cold out and we are one of the few remaining schools to have WWII Veterans participating.  
Through this unique relationship, the students develop a deeper understanding and respect for the Veterans. 
It is with the deepest respect that we dedicate this playground to
 The Veterans Village.

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