The Build


Thanks to Jay and His Amazing Forklift Driving 
and also to
Cervus Equipment and Equipment Materials Handling Saskatoon

Charlene and her Twisty Slide 

Jay and His Forklift

Rob is working hard to get that semi unloaded

Thanks Shaun for Your Awesome Bobcat Work
This guy knows how to drive a Bobcat

Thank You ASL Paving Ltd.
for the many, many, many
truckloads of sand.

ASL Paving Ltd
dumping another load of sand

Laying out the Base

Thank You to the 5 Fantastic Welders 
Here are Casey and Crystal.

Thanks to ASL Paving Ltd.
for your donation of
welders, trucks and equipment

Steve and Rob working on the posts

The First Post is Going Up

More posts are going up

Another fantastic welder.
Thanks Will

A few snowflakes fell

It's starting to look more like a playground,
Even Mrs McLean was in on the action
Thanks to all the hard working volunteers

Thanks to
John - Our Fearless Leader

Roberta and Scott moving dirt
and making things level

The School Bus is built

Working under the lights

6:00pm and still working,
even in the dark


Day 2 starts with some hand rails 
on the bridge

Pete showing off his talent with
a skil-saw

Thanks to Billy,
another one of our amazing welders

The sand just keeps coming and coming.
Get your shovels and rakes ready,
we have some sand to move.


Thanks Roberta, Karen and Eric
for assembling the benches. 
These benches will have plaques 
dedicating Falcon Park to
Veterans Village
at Sherbrooke Community Centre.

Thanks Jodi
for organizing all the food for
our volunteers.
It's been delicious!

Soup Maker Extraordinaire

Thanks so much to Mr Pilot's Grade 7/8 class.
They helped peel and chop all the
vegetables for the Build Day soup.

Thanks to everyone who helped prepare 
the food for Build Day.
Jodi, Lisa, Debbie, Janaya, 
Michelle, April and Kelli

The swing structure is put in place.
Good thing we're strong.

It's looking more and more like
a playground all the time

Even the snowmen are watching

Marty working on the slide platform

Thank you Rempel Construction
for donating the concrete for the new
Falcon Park Playground

is so excited for Build Day, Nov 16/13.


  1. How awesome. Great work Falcon Park volunteers.... you are making it happen. Our community is going to enjoy and grow because of your outstanding vision. Hats off to you ( I'm keeping my mitts on though)

  2. Thank you SO MUCH to all of the volunteers for working so hard to build Falcon Park! It is looking great so far! We are so EXCITED to play on it next week. You have dedicated so much time to build Falcon Park and we are very thankful/grateful/excited! This will be the BEST playground ever! Have fun and stay warm!
    Ms. Blazieko and the Grade 3/4 Class

  3. Wow....what an exciting week here at St. Philip. Everyone has been so patient and it has been great to see so many volunteers here making our dream a reality. Thank you to the wonderful students and staff of St. Philip for your patience and for enduring so many indoor recess breaks because of the build. Many hands make light work is a motto that is truly coming true at St. Philip. I look forward to all of you playing on the new Falcon Park Playground next week and I myself look forward to trying the new curly slide!!

    Mrs. McLean
    Principal St. Philip

  4. Congratulations to everyone! St. Philip Community has proven once again how they are truly are one large family. The playground is beyond amazing and I know it will be well used for many years to come. Thanks for the warm welcome back and I will be back to visit!
    Mrs. Goodman
    (former EA)

  5. Awsome job guys, really starting to look great.
    cant wait to play on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sighned: Ameilia and anna.

  6. Cant wait to play on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sighned: Ameilia and Anna

  7. Awesome Job, it really came together really great, and I really can't wait to play on it.
    I looks awesome!!!!!!!
    great job.