Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Because Our Kids Deserve More Than One Tree!

We would like to start with a simple, thank you for getting to this page!  If you are taking the time to read “Our Story” you care enough about our schools and community to take five minutes from a busy schedule.
It is not a joke when we say we have one tree!  
In a full square city block of green space, there is a single tree! Compile the growing list of repair to our play structure, the possible loss of our ball diamonds due to a volunteer retiring and a community rink that is in need of repairs, it was clear to our council that something needed to be done.
St. Philip school is in a unique and unfortunate situation.  We are one of only a few schools that owns the playground adjacent to its school.  
Most Saskatoon schools regardless of school division have the adjacent park area owned and operated by the City of Saskatoon.  
Which means these parks and play structures are managed and maintained with city funding.  St. Philip school and the Adelaide Park/Churchill communities are not protected under this infrastructure!  
So we are straddled with the task of replacing our play structures and refurbishing of our green space.

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